Investors Information

Why choose onsite managers

A survey conducted by Deloitte Australia highlighted the key benefits of onsite rental management in the context on Managements rights. The major finings show that more than 75 percent of lot owners surveyed estimate that onsite letting agents generate higher yields than offsite letting agents and that more than 97 percent of respondents estimate that onsite caretaking directly reduces costs for owners.

The most common area in which an onsite letting agent added value to the owner was in their intimate knowledge of the complex, according to the survey findings. 96 percent of the respondents said this enabled onsite letting agents to be proactive in addressing their concerns as an owner. An on-site letting agent is available for 24 hour assistance with first hand knowledge of the complex and surrounding areas allowing them to respond to enquiries immediately. In short stay accommodation, this results increased customer return rate and in high occupancy and in long stay this encourages longer tenancies and fewer breaches.

Furthermore, with a financial and vested interest in keeping costs down, on-site letting agents strive for the most cost effective means of undertaking various caretaking functions compared to outsourced alternatives. Robust knowledge of the property places us in the best position to ensure its condition and appearance are maintained to the highest level.


Maintenance & Money Savers

Horton Apartments understand the building and Body Corporate by-laws to a high level, in turn saving you time and money and avoiding potential by-law breaches from the Body Corporate that could affect your tenants and other residents quiet enjoyment and your investment.

Horton Apartments maintenance team is onsite, this saves call out fees and provides cheaper rates for small handyman type jobs such as changing of light bulbs etc. as we buy bulk amounts of original parts at discounted rates due to the amount of properties we manage in the building with all the same specifications.

Horton Apartments team are able to attend emergency call outs and can sort out problems quickly, we understand the buildings features and assets better than anyone else. We also use trusted trades people who also know he building intimately and which will save you the cost of owner unnecessary charges or damages.

We also conduct all the electric and water reads during routine inspections and vacates, allowing us to ensure there is no gap in between tenants paying for their consumption.


Leasing Properties & Managing Tenancies

There is high demand to rent at Horton Apartments, so much so that we hold a waiting list for applicants wanting to move here. We conduct walk-in and after-hour viewings compared to outside agencies holding one or two 15 min windows a week for inspections.

We frequently have applicants contact us after using an outside agent as they find dealing with the Building Managers a better experience which means we can rent your investment faster!


Dedicated & Experienced Property Manager & Directors

For first time investors and experienced investors alike, a Property Manager can be an incredibly useful relationship that can take a headache out of handling your investment and help you to make the most out of your asset. Here are three reasons why our services can be so valuable.

Finding the right tenant

Through an intimate knowledge of the complex and encountering many different tenants, we can help recognise who will be best suited to be occupying your property. A good tenant is worth their weight in gold and can help ensure an investment property is a financial success.

Ensuring maintenance

We will quickly and efficiently respond to any issues that may arise in your rental property. If issues arise regarding rent, the tenant’s use of the property or structural issues that need to be fixed, such as leaking taps, we will be able to address issues quickly and with little hassle to the landlord. As a good Property Manager we will conduct regular inspections of your property, and we may discover early on if something requires attention, ensuring it is addressed and further problems are avoided down the track.

Conducting professional transactions

A benefit of using a us is the power to sustain a professional relationship between tenant and Property Manager. Some investors may develop more personal relationships with their tenants, particularly long-term occupants, which may make the business necessities of a rental transaction more complicated. We may be able to better overcome difficulties by keeping the relationship positive and strictly professional.

We operate a 24/7 service desk for maintenance and our tenant concerns. We can keep a closer eye on your property and tenants and get to know them in a more personal manner, after all a happy tenant is a good tenant.

Allow us to manage your investment and we will treat this responsibility with the importance it deserves – sourcing qualified tenants, maximising your returns, streamlining your accounting and offering a total management service tailored to your needs.

We are committed to looking after your investment and we feel we are in the best position to do that, we have many happy long term residents who rent directly through us.

Please contact for an obligation free Market Appraisal of your property or come and have a chat with us about your potential investment for Holiday or Fixed Term Tenancies.